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MTAM Fundamentals Community

USD $97.00/month
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This Community is best for stylists that are on a budget or wanting to dip their toe in before committing to our Master or Maser+ plans. 

There are over 95+ videos in the Newbie Community, with more added every month!

Your Membership Includes the Following Content Collections:

  • Tools/Weft Prep 

    - Get insight in to my favorite tools that I use personally as well as tips and tricks for prepping hair.

  • Install Fundamentals

    - Learn how to curate custom installations for your clientele.

    Everything from sectioning & beadwork to pinning and sewing will be included.

    No stone will be left unturned when explaining my approach - and I won't just be showing you HOW - I will also go in to detail on the WHO, WHAT, WHY & WHEN. 

  • Modern Color Techniques & Weft Color

    - Learn up-to-date techniques that will harmonize with your clients enhancements and deep dive in to the world of weft color theory and learn techniques to create a seamless blend. 

    This collection is going to be a huge help to those who need help custom coloring wefts for your clients, mapping out where to place wefts for maximum color impact, and matching the clients natural to their new and improved hair.

  • Scalp Science

    - Advanced education centered on scalp elasticity, growth patterns & the physics of extensions.

  • Troubleshooting

     - Learn how to catch your install mistakes and course correct when they happen.

  • Grow Outs

    - Learn how to read your grow outs and pivot when issues arise.

  • Guest Artist Interviews

    - Get to know talented artists within the extension and color niches of the industry. 

***If you are looking for scalp health, business/marketing, and/or guest educator education you'll want to subscribe to a higher tier plan.

You'll also have access to our Community of like-minded and supportive stylists where you can interact with other members, ask questions, and post!


MTAM Master Community - Monthly

USD $249.99/month
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This Community is best suited for stylists with 1+ years of  extension experience who also want access to more advanced  and diverse education.

This Community includes everything includes in the Newbie Community PLUS:

  • Self Assessment/Check-In Series 

     - Learn how to add value to your business and create lasting client relationships.

  • Scalp Health

    - Learn about the delicate balance of the scalp microbiome, how to asses your clients scalp, product and home care instructions for creating and maintaining scalp health and more in this deep dive collection.

  • Advanced Refinement

    -  Incorporate more advanced application techniques (panels, working on high risk clients, working with genius wefts and more).

  • Beyond The Chair/Marketing

    - Learn about everything from client psychology, marketing and website building to videography/photography & more in this eclectic series.

  • Guest Artist Interviews

    - Get to know talented artists within the extension and color niches of the industry. 

  • Guest Educators  

Learn from extremely talented Extension and Color educators! In 2024 we are showcasing educators that will cover the following topics :

  • Fine hair and beaded rows

  • High density hair and beaded rows

  • K-tips

  • Temporary Crowns

  • Business/Pricing

  • Curly extensions

  • Social Media

  • Foiling/Glazing

  • Color Corrections

  • Photography & Posing

LIVE Weekly Trainings

- Social Media Audits

- Demos on real clients 

- Group Technical Feedback

- Color Walk-throughs and Weft Customization

& more!

All Lives are automatically saved for replay and live on the platform for 1 month. 

You also have access to Community pages where you can interact with other stylists, ask questions & interact with us here at MTAM!