Welcome to MTAM!

A subscription based education platform for stylists. 

We know you’re dying to see what we are all about - so take a sneak peak at our education by watching one of our troubleshooting videos. 🫶🏻

What our Members are saying :

If you are an extension stylist and are not using this online platform you are doing you and your clients a major injustice.

This education is wildly in depth and unmatched! I can not say enough great things! Learn the why not the rigidity of just knowing a how!


"I have spent $$$$ on “training” for certain “methods” and have not received half the training I have gotten since joining you! I can’t thank you enough!"

Liz A.
Liz A.

"My experience with MTAM platform has been so amazing! I have done a lot of different education and I can say Christine takes a MUCH more detailed approach. I have never been taught about scalp health in a single class. This platform is amazing quality and so in depth. It’s helped me troubleshoot instead of feeling discouraged like I need to find a new certification class. I also can appreciate having education from home. Being a mom to a little makes it so I can’t travel to education. It’s the best of both worlds for this mama. I couldn’t recommend this learning platform more! This community is so special and I’m looking forward to my skill set in a year!"

Ivy R.
Ivy R.

"I have never experienced extension training like MTAM before! I’ve been trained and certified in multiple methods for many years, but in just the first video I watched after joining,

I learned more detail behind the ‘why’ of what to do than I ever have.

I truly feel this is the missing piece in so much of the extension education that is on the market today. Christine is clear and easy to understand. You can tell she really makes the extra effort to make sure the videos are showing you important details and she is great at explaining each step that she is doing.

You will not regret investing into this course because it truly will help you to become a better extension artist with understanding the why’s behind what you’re doing for every single client as an individual. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to be able to experience this training and have it help me grow as an artist! Thank you, Christine!"

Cara J.
Cara J.

"This is the extension education I have been looking for! Christine is so thorough and practical when it comes to extension talk, offering a variety of real solutions to a variety of real problems.  I am newish to extensions and I have learned so much during the short time I’ve been a part of the MTAM community! I am really looking forward to all that I’m going to learn this year. Well worth the money!"

Marlowe E.
Marlowe E.

Weekly Live Classes

Weekly Live Classes

Our livestreams include :

  • Full Install Demos - Learn how to create healthy installs while I show you how I customize for my REAL clients BTC. 

  • Social Media Audits - Let me help you up your social media game with constructive feedback.

  • Technical Feedback - Learn how to improve your installs and make adjustments to issues you’re having behind the chair.

  • Weft Customization - Learn how to create seamless blends.

Education that fits in to your busy schedule

We know how hectic life can be. 

MTAM is here when you need it: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Education that fits in to your busy schedule

Frequently Asking Questions

Do I need to be a Newbie to join the Newbie Community?

Not at all!

The Newbie Community is packed full of education that even seasoned stylists will benefit from.

It's a great budget friendly option, and many stylists join this plan first before upgrading to a higher plan.

How many videos are there in your course?

MTAM isn't a course, it's a subscription based education platform. 

That means that I am constantly adding more videos, more content, live-streamed classes, Guest Educators, and even branching out in to different topics as time goes on.

You have access to everything I've already launched immediately and it continues to grow and become even more valuable as we cover more ground.

Currently there are over 160 videos (and counting!) including multi-hour livestreams.  Different plans have different levels of access.

What's the difference between the Master Monthly and Master+?

Master Monthly is a monthly subscription that drafts once a month. 

Master+ is an Annual subscription that drafts once a year. 

Master+ has access to all Guest Educators, Master Monthly (and Newbie) do not.

Master+ has access to more live-streamed classes.

Master+ also grandfathers you in to special pricing as a thank you - instead of renewing at full price this plan renews at $1,000 per year. That's an average of $83.33 per month and is by far the plan with the best value overall!

Can I cancel any time?

Yes, you can cancel anytime!

We pride ourselves on delivering an insane amount of even if you can cancel, you won't want to.

Do I need a computer?


You can view MTAM through the web version and on a computer (the quality on a bigger screen is amazing!) if you'd like but it isn't required. 

We have a dedicated app and you can also use the web version on your tablet or phone.

Can I ask you questions?


I highly recommend becoming an active member and encourage asking questions.

We have a dedicated comment section under each video, live chat for live-streamed classes, and a Community area where you can post, ask questions, and engage with other artists!

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